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Our Solution to Better Sleep: Occupod Nanoshelters

Nanoshelter Design Concept Engineering

Everyone needs sleep, and our goal with the Occupod program is to provide the basic human right of sleep to all houseless people.

Designed by one of our very own Oregon State University engineers, the Occupod has been features that you can learn more about by scrolling down.

Click the "Donate" button below to make a donation! Donations go towards materials, research and development, and the construction process. 100% of your donation goes straight to the program!

A nano shelter is a mobile, single-user, emergency sleeping shelter platform. It provides independent ownership of a place to sleep and store belongings. It is lockable and easily constructed. There are many types of nano shelters. The Occupod is one type of nanoshelter.











This nanoshelter is called an Occupod. It is a mass-producible temporary emergency shelter. The platform is on wheels with a fulcrum point that allows for easy tilting up curbs. The Occupod is designed for a single user and gives the user independent ownership of a place to sleep and store their belongings. It is self-contained, lockable, and easily constructed. The back folds up when it is in motion and folds down to become 7' long by 2' 8" wide inside dimensions.

















We have distributed many of these Occupods to our houseless neighbors before, but this time we want to do it on a bigger scale than ever!


Our first step is building the initial demo model that will help us raise awareness of our product design in the public eye and raise even more funds! We’re raising money to buy materials for our initial demo model. To meet these needs, we’ve set up this campaign with a goal of $300.

With your help, The Collegiate Alliance for Fighting Homelessness can reach this goal and continue the work we’ve set out to do in this campaign for better sleep for all!

Please help if you can. Every donation makes a difference.

Beautiful Artistic Painted Nano Shelter
Nano Shelter Wooden Frame Construction
Homeless Woman Using Nano Shelter
3 Fully Built Nanoshelters Next To Each Other
A Nano Shelter With A Bike Attached To It
4 Fully Built Nano Shelters—1 With An Open Door
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